At Zacasa Design we firmly believe that all the elements in a house as well as in a business have to be in harmony, that’s why at Zacasa we carry out the whole process from the renovation to the decoration, so that your business reflects your identity to the maximum and follows the same line.

With us you have it all. We do your work, we know your style and your budget and based on that we create a perfect and fully decorated space. Interior design and decor. We plan the decoration for any sort of business that you have. Offices, wellness, restaurants, hotels…so everything looks according to your brand. 

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You can also download our portfolio to know more about what we can do to your business.

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How can we improve your business?

  • We find your style and reflect it with every piece of furniture and decoration.
  • Distinguish inside and outside decoration. We will always follow your style, but you need to know how to give the wow factor to each area. That is what we will find for you.
  • Your customers will feel your essence as soon as they go in your business.
  • Everyone will be able to identify your brand, as we personalize everything. Unique illumination, personalized and tailor made textiles, your shop will have it’s own smell…Every single detail counts and we love to guide you through the process with us so you can experiment the way to your brand’s personalitation.
  • Improving your sales. We have proved that it is essencial that your customer feels comfortable and in peace in your enviroment. That is not just going to help them to stay longer, but also to come back,
  1. We can visit your business to see what the project is about or you can bring us the plans to get a perfect result. We will have a meeting with the necessary members of the team, depending on the work to be done. 
  2. You tell us what style you are looking for, what budget you have and the qualities you want. 
  3. On the agreed date, we will give you a presentation with moodboard, renders, samples and all the details about the identity of your business. We make the necessary modifications until the result is perfect. 
  4. When we have decided what the final result will be, we will give you the budget. 
  5. Once accepted, we start working. We deliver the products and install them. On arrival at your business, it will be ready to go live. 

Step by step plan

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