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At Zacasa Design we carry out contemporary interior design inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. We focus on excellence, luxury and well-being.
We have a large number of handmade pieces that match our simple style, in decoration and in life.
Our basis is to ensure that you can feel peace and tranquillity in your home, making decoration easy and prioritising the sense of space in your home.
We love to add natural elements to the decoration. We use high quality, minimally treated, vegetable sourced textiles. We receive pieces directly from India.


At Zacasa Design we have our own brand GAËLLE. Everything bearing this label has been manufactured by ourselves. We make made-to-measure textile decoration such as: curtains, sheets, blankets, cushions, etc.
All pieces are 100% personalised. Come to our shop at any time to see all our sample books. You choose the material, the messurements and we create it for you, making a unique piece that will make a difference in your home.
All our products are top quality and manufactured locally.

Big projects

What we like most about our work? The development of complete houses and flats, so that everything is built in the same way and with the same quality.

If you want to build or reform your house, we recommend you to make an appointment with us so that we can give you the best and most exclusive service.

Buy the pack

We have packs of furniture available. They have been designed and selected by interiour designers to match perfectly. They include lighting, furniture, textiles, decoration, etc. You can find packs for different spaces  in the house and for diferent styles. You can also come to see the packs in our store. 

When you purchase a pack we deliver it and install it in your home.


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